Thursday, 8 September 2011


BIM is often heralded as a vehicle for change; a noun offering sometimes mythical proportions of opportunity, value and hope. I think in the real world, there is a growing realisation through experience that this is not the full story. As we learn more about the technology and the processes of Building Information Modelling, we can start to challenge and realise the opportunities on offer, and begin to position ourselves to get the most benefit, and importantly to help others realise the benefits.

Over the past 10 years, we have been developing and maturing our understanding of BIM and developing a set of skills that compliment that knowledge.  We are the team that successfully led the implementation of Revit at _space Group, developed the revitspace community (now with over 6,000 members) and recently launched bimstore, the leading source of free UK manufacturer content.  We have become passionate champions for BIM in the UK, and strongly beleive in the integrated process and all of the benefits it can bring.

BIM.Technologies is the next logical stage of that process. We are a specialist design and delivery company that can assist in each and every stage of the process, whether you are an architect, engineer, fabricator, constructor or property owner.  We are comfortable using technology to solve complex problems in a variety of situations, to meet your timescales.  Because we are independant from any one part of the process, we are able to think differently and bring our experience to bear, helping our clients benefit and acheive the most efficient result.

As well as providing technical assistance, we can help your thought process too.  We can help you discover, apply and manage the technologies and business behaviors that will enable more effective integration over the whole spectrum of BIM.