Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Case study updates now live on site

Keeping the official site of BIM.Technologies up to date is, logic dictates, a never-ending process; we take on new projects all the time, and are dogged in our perusal of new tools. Warboard, for instance, is a game-changing utility that we developed in house. We really ought to talk about that soon.

As part of our on-going effort to provide visitors with comprehensive case studies of our past and current projects, we have added photos to our Greenwich Peninsula, City Road, and Vauxhall Sky Garden pages. These case studies are our most effective method of conveying what BIM consultancy actually consists of, and photos of BIMs help to contextualise the field.

Check back soon for more incremental updates to the site.

Monday, 7 July 2014

BIM.Technologies starts tinkering with Google Glass

BIM.Technologies has recently come into possession of a Google Glass developer kit, which has been as coveted as you'd expect. In a period of three hours after its unboxing it was worn by at least six different people in the office. The phrase “OK Glass” ricocheted around the building, only falling quiet when it was stashed away from prying eyes.

The reason for our new acquisition is that we're capitalising on Google’s wearable technology by developing an app which will help in facilities management and operation. The unique augmented vision features of the device have immense potential in helping architects and construction workers.

On site, as an example, facilities management operators will be able to identity pieces of equipment instantly, and pull up relevant data. As an information business, this is incredibly exciting for us.

Our Technology director Adam Ward, who attended this year's Revit Gunslingers, is leading Space Group’s research into Glass’s many other potential uses in the construction industry. Over the next few weeks, he’ll be getting to grips with the device’s eccentricities.

We’ll be sure to update the outside world on our experiments with the development kit, so check back with us soon.

BIM Show Live Scotland this month

The UK’s leading BIM conference is heading to one of Edinburgh’s most prestigious arts venues for an evening of dialogue, thought, and visions of the future.


Founded by Space Group in 2011, BIM Show Live attracts delegates from across architectural & construction spectrums for a lively exchange of ideas and experiences. Past events have taken place in London and Manchester, and now a leaner BSL is landing in Scotland to help galvanise the country’s construction industry towards full-scale adoption of BIM.

Extra impetus for this has been provided by the Scottish government, who have mandated that all new-build construction projects across the public sector in Scotland should be BIM level 2 compliant by 2017. It is therefore crucial for the industry in Scotland to have access to the same level of invaluable networking opportunities as exists in England.

BIM.Technologies, who earlier this year established a new office in the capital, have partnered with BIM Hub Scotland to organise this agenda-setting event, to be held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on Edinburgh’s High Street. Over the course of the evening, the conference will examine the current adoption of building information modelling within the UK and the potential challenges and benefits to Scotland.

BIM Show Live Scotland will be held on the 24th of July, from 4.00-8.00pm.

With numbers limited, we advise heading to the registration form right away.