Friday, 4 May 2012

bimstore 2.0

On 1st April 2012 became a year old.  It has been quite a year for the site, with new customers and new developments with the software.  The industry is really starting to embrace BIM and it is becoming more and more relevant to manufacturers.

To mark the occasion we will be updating the look, feel and functionality of the site.  We have listened to feedback and made the search function simple and very prominent on the site.

We have provided more information for manufacturers so they can easily understand how they can benefit.

We have also developed an app to complement the search function, which designers can use when working within their chosen software.  This means they can search for content directly within their software.

bimstore has now become more than just a website.  It is an ecosystem for components to be used within building information models.  New partnerships with other information providers mean bimstore shares components far and wide.

We are also providing libraries for constructors and designers, giving manufacturers excellent access to specifications.

The team continue to work on new developments as we continue to redefine how manufacturers information is searched for and specified.

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