Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Scanning Newcastle University

The BIM.Technologies team have been hard at work throughout 2012. Much of their time has been spent on site with their scanner where they are at their happiest.

The team recently received a commission from Newcastle University who have implemented a strategic plan to digitally survey their whole estate. BIM.Technologies have been on site at the Armstrong building for 4 weeks. This will be followed by processing and modelling to allow the information to be used during the upcoming refurbishment.

The survey is fully intrusive and has included all roof voids, basements and plant rooms. For this reason the team have been working nightshift to minimise disruption to the university.

The team are also pricing surveys for Sheffield University and Manchester City Council. The increase in interest suggests that building owners understand the long term benefit of a 3D digital survey, for the long term management of their assets.

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