Monday, 16 June 2014

BIM.Technologies jets off to Boston to test Revit

This week, our Technology Director Adam Ward is back in America, taking up the Revit Gunslinger mantle.

Gunslingers is Autodesk‘s way of soliciting valuable feedback from Revit’s most advanced users on its work-in-progress features. The invite lists are tiny, at around 15 attendees per event, so for Adam to be invited along testifies to his great expertise with the software.

In fact, Adam’s a regular at Gunslinger events. After November 2011′s gathering, we asked him to write about his impressions of what went on: “It was great to meet with some of the biggest Revit geeks on the planet,” he wrote, praising Autodesk as “fantastic hosts”.

That’s about all he could write, though. Because the software on show at Gunslingers is in such a nascent stage, Autodesk impose numerous NDA agreements onto the event, allowing its developers to discreetly eliminate any bugs or design shortcomings before the newest updates go public.
Back in the UK, the rest of BIM.Technologies are hard at work on their on-going projects.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Victoria Gate is looking for a groundbreaker

Victoria Gate, a new landmark retail development in Leeds, is one of the more heavyweight projects in the BIM.Technologies portfolio.

We were chosen by construction firm Sir Robert McAlpine to enhance the project with our unbeatable BIM coordination, helping to deliver a detailed virtual model of the proposed site. A complex design, it draws on Leeds' proud history in textiles by creating buildings that look like they really do have "texture".

Now, as Victoria Gate fast approaches its construction phase, property developer Hammerson is asking residents of the city to nominate unsung heroes who have "played a key part in Leeds’ thriving community" for a very special role. The chosen candidate will push the button on the piling rig that starts the build of the flagship John Lewis department store - the first of its kind in Leeds.

It is great for us at BIM.Technologies to see what an impact Victoria Gate is already having on Leeds. The city is one of four that we have offices in around the north of England, and we feel very much invested in the city's future.

You can read more details about the groundbreaker opportunity on the Victoria Gate site, while the future shopping centre's Twitter feed hosts a number of photos of the construction process so far.